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Multiplayer Social Horror game set
in the Hello Neighbor universe


Spring Update

Spring 2021 has brought us rather big updates to share with you - so let’s jump right in and unpack what we have for you today! New Daily Quests, Three New Brawl Modes, Currency, Balance changing, new Reporting System and more!


Winter Update

The snow has come to Raven Brooks! The Christmas Update brings a new map, a brand-new limited-time game mode, as well as a ton of other improvements to Secret Neighbor.


Halloween Update

Secret Neighbor is getting a major Halloween update: the new Neighbor class adds an extra layer of challenge in the game; a darker visual presentation and Halloween decorations delivers a spooky experience to the players. Alongside with that, the new major update contains a plenty of quality of life improvements as well as some new content for players to enjoy.
Whether you’re a new or experienced player, Secret Neighbor major update is sure to bring you goosebumps on this Halloween. Get ready!


Rocket Science Update

Remember how Mr. Peterson was constructing something on the third map? We're pretty sure he's finished whatever he's been up to!


Hop into your space suit and let’s launch this thing!



Summer Update

Big changes have come to the Secret Neighbor! Along with some new costumes and balance improvements, we’ve introduced Level Editor: a tool that empowers the community to create their own maps and play on them with their friends!


Easter Update

Neighbor games and easter eggs, name a more iconic duo. For the Easter Update we’ve added a brand new map, revamped the progression system, and added a special activity - Egg Hunt. And, of course, we didn’t forget about the Easter costumes!