Multiplayer Social Horror game set
in the Hello Neighbor universe


Rocket Science Update

Remember how Mr. Peterson was constructing something on the third map? We're pretty sure he's finished whatever he's been up to!


Hop into your space suit and let’s launch this thing!



Request a key on Keymailer!

Six players, one traitor

The Neighbor can put on a disguise at any time, posing as other players

At the beginning of the game one of the players is appointed as the Neighbor in disguise. His job is to gain trust.

The Traitor In Disguise

The Neighbor's job is to gain the trust of other players and betray them. This is an experience unlike any other - Social Horror. You watch for suspicious behaviors by your friends, knowing they might betray you. The Neighbor uses tools and gadgets to trap other players as they scavenge the house for keys to unlock the basement door.

Players have 15 minutes to unlock and get into the mysterious basement

Keys are randomly scattered around the house. The goal is to find them, and unlock the basement door.

Players need to unlock the basement

Pax West 2019 Trailer

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