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Ideas Tower B-17 Multi Gardens in Islamabad

Ideas Tower is the latest endeavor in MPCHS B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad by Ideas Real Estate near the key section of the overall population. Generally, the endeavor holds high accomplishment potential as a thorough private construction. It is supported by MPCHS and expects to transform into an image of the Multi Gardens Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

B-17 Multi Gardens is a rapidly propelling society, and Ideas Tower is the uttermost down-the-line development to it. Ideas Tower is upheld by MPCHS and is gone to transforming into an image of the B-17 housing society. Ideas Tower offers private apartment suites of different sizes fluctuating from flats available to be purchased in Islamabad and Rudn Enclave to resolve the issues of the current customers.

The area of Ideas Tower near the doorway of society makes it incredibly accessible from various spaces of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The endeavor setup ensures the fulfillment of the consistently extending comfort essentials of the anticipants.

This page is about the nuances of Ideas Tower B-17 Islamabad with the objective that you get every one of the fundamental information in a solitary spot for better theory and home decisions.

Ideas Tower-Master Plan

Ideas Tower building unassumingly stands 13 stories tall with 2 tornado shelters and 1 ground floor and offers private units on each floor. Apartment suite units are stacked with present-day accommodations and ceaseless comfort. The construction stays on 2 Kanal, right near the vital doorway.

Each floor offers 1-bed, 2-bed, 3, and 4-bed condominiums, open through quick lifts for straightforward development in the design. The construction tends to the wonderful metropolitan plan and fulfills each and every private need. The task is likewise making a plot available for purchase in Islamabad and Park View City

Floor Plan

The construction stands tall with 13 stories, and 2 tornado shelter floors offering 1, 2, 3, and 4-bed lofts.

Space Plan

This tremendous private undertaking offers lofts of different sizes to fulfill the private necessities of the current clients. All of the lofts offers the latest workplaces as well as rousing viewpoints on the city. Ideas Tower is made by the worldwide standard, and 5 kinds of townhouse units are available.

Ideas Tower offers a huge extent of comforts, top tier plan, and client pleasant portion plans. Clients can book their condominiums with an underlying speculation and pay the rest in supportive 4 years quarterly divides.

Clients can likewise purchase search available to be purchased in Islamabad and Kingdom Valley on possible business spots in the capital.

Lawful Status

Ideas Tower is at this point upheld by MPCHS, and advancement is underway.

Owner and Developer

Obligation regarding Tower B-17 Multi Gardens has a spot with Ideas Real Estate Marketing, and Banu Hashim Builders and Developers are responsible for advancement. Keeping the necessities in view, Banu Hashim is encouraging the endeavor far reaching of the latest comforts, features, and exceptional lavishness.

Ideas' displaying conveyed different private endeavors under their name. Of course, Banu Hashim is a gathering of master originators and experts who cooperate to convey elite undertakings.

Booking Details

The fundamental portion consolidates a 25% starting venture, 10% charges payable for ownership, and 65% abundance commitment paid in segments. You can likewise book private plots available to be purchased in Islamabad with a simple portion plan


All of the extra charges are payable in something like 180 days of booking.

Documentation, gas, and power charges are relevant on demand.

Extra charges are material on the order plots (referred to in the portion plan).

Ideas Tower offers a sensible home for a far reaching specialty of people and marvelous hypothesis potential, essentially in view of basic accessibility and end to all necessities. It is a striking and select townhouse project with a superb city and best in class workplaces. The endeavor offers a wonderful life freed from stresses.

Book your space here today for calm living or best in class hypotheses returns in B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad.

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