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She struggles with a Muslim neighbor, Khalil, who is concerned about her education. Yasmeen's parents are worried about their daughter's future. They meet with a counselor, are referred to a psychiatrist, and try to deal with Khalil's behavior. They move to a different town because Yasmeen and her mother become concerned about the effect of their daughter's social circle. Chapters I. Introduction Summary: Yasmeen and her family move to a new town after their Muslim neighbor, Khalil, begins to show interest in her and she becomes concerned about his behavior. Their neighbor, Khalil, is a Muslim immigrant to the United States. He is a devout Muslim and believes that Yasmeen should remain a devout Muslim and stop praying and going to school. He becomes protective and angry when Yasmeen is asked to attend class on Muslim holidays. His parents, Faiz and Samia, are both devout Muslims and see the attending class as a threat to their daughter. Yasmeen's parents think that her best chance for a successful life is to avoid the complications of religious conflict. They do not want to deal with the possibility of Yasmeen being teased and bullied about her religion. They struggle with the fact that the neighbors are pressuring their daughter. They also worry about their daughter's future and about what will happen to her once she becomes an adult. They have both attended college, and they want their children to go to college, too. They look for a town where their daughter's social life is not affected by her being a devout Muslim. II. Yasmeen's Birthday Summary: Yasmeen is tired after an early morning of school and play. She tells her parents that she does not want to go to school that day, and they tell her that she must go. She argues with her parents about it and then says that she will go to school and wait until the end of the class period. She is worried that her Muslim neighbor, Khalil, will see her at the school. Her parents make the decision that Yasmeen will go to school despite not wanting to, and they drive her to school. Yasmeen begins class, and a student asks her what she is doing. He says that Yasmeen should not go to school until the end of the school day. He calls her a "devil," meaning that she has disrespected Islam and that she should not go to school. Her parents are angry at her for the disrespect.



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