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Code of Conduct



1. Please be courteous and respectful towards the other players and help create a positive environment for conversation.

2. We encourage healthy and welcoming gameplay, and will not tolerate sexism, racism, harassment, hate speech, excessive profanity, or personal attacks of any kind.


3. Please refrain from discussing politics and religion.


4. Do not discuss or encourage piracy and any other illegal activity.


5. Creating, distributing or using any unauthorized software, such as cheats and hacks, will result in a ban.


6. Respect another player’s privacy. Do not share your personal information, or personal details about other players.


7. Do not spam in the voice chat, or use it in any way that would hinder other players’ ability to communicate via voice chat.


8. Do not upload any content or otherwise engage in activities that infringe the rights of any third party.

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